Thanksgiving 2014

  Another calendar year has flown by, and we find ourselves sitting down to celebrate Thanksgiving this month. We’d like to take a moment to reflect on the things that we, at Personalized Products, are thankful for.   First and foremost, we’re thankful for our families and friends, and our wonderful employees and customers. We… Read more »

Small Business Saturday

  In 2010 American Express created Small Business Saturday. The purpose of this was to focus the attention on small businesses during the holiday season. They wanted to encourage consumers to “celebrate the local businesses that help make your neighborhood great.”   While we applaud American Express for this creative effort, we like to think… Read more »

‘Tis The Season

You knew it was coming: the holiday shopping season. Yep, 51 days from now Santa will be loading his sled (yikes!), and 43 days from now the first candle will be lit for Hanukkah (double yikes!).   Don’t panic, we’re here to help. Here are a few holiday gift selections from Tally Ho that won’t… Read more »

Coolerettes: aka, Brag Rags

  The 2014 show season is drawing to an end and we know that many of you have had a successful year. If you find yourselves with piles of award coolers (congrats!), and you’re not sure what to do with them, why don’t you consider having coolerettes made?     Coolerettes (aka, Brag Rags) are… Read more »

Pennsylvania National Horse Show

On October 9th, the Pennsylvania National Horse Show will kick off its 68th year at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex. What began in 1946 as a four day show has since grown into a 9 day affair and one of the largest indoor horse shows in the United States.   Personalized Products began attending PNHS… Read more »

Amann Thread Company

    One of our specialties at Personalized Products is our embroidery work. We pride ourselves on the quality of embroidery that we are able to produce. One of the contributing factors to our embroidery is the thread we use: Isacord, produced by the Amann Thread Company.   Amann was founded in 1854 by Alois… Read more »

Custom Stall Guard

Horse owners know that often-times horses enjoy being able to hang their heads outside of their stalls.  This means that the stall door needs to be open and some sort of a restraint needs to be in place: a rope, a chain, or a stall guard. A traditional stall guard is typically made out of… Read more »

Wool Dress Sheet

  The inevitable has happened: summer is over. The hot, hazy days will soon give way to damp, cool evenings. It’s time to put away the madras linen shorts (sigh) and pull out the trusty old corduroys and cashmere sweaters. While you make the shift in your own wardrobe from summer to fall, shouldn’t you… Read more »

Pony Finals

  Pony Finals has a long and illustrious history in the Hunter/Jumper world. It’s a special event that occurs once a year. Ponies must qualify for the Finals by earning points throughout the year. A sense of achievement is felt simply by receiving a spot in the entry roster.   Personalized Products first started attending… Read more »

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