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Summer Riding Gear: What Every Equestrian Needs

With summer approaching fast, it’s time to gear up for sunny rides with your horse! Whether you love galloping through fields or enjoying leisurely trails, having the right gear is important. It’s all about staying comfy and keeping you and your horse safe and cool under the summer sun. Here’s a list of must-have gear… Read more »

The Benefits of Using a Saddle Pad in Equestrian Activities

In the world of equestrian sports, it is crucial to prioritize the comfort and safety of the horse. One necessary accessory that is often overlooked but plays a significant role in achieving these aspects is the saddle pad. Saddle pads are not just a piece of fabric lying beneath the saddle; they are critical in… Read more »

How Custom Gear Can Prevent Common Riding Injuries

Equestrian sports combine the excitement of competition with the elegance of the partnership between horse and rider. However, these sports also pose the risk of injuries. While some accidents are unforeseeable, using appropriate gear can prevent or reduce many common riding injuries. Customized equestrian equipment that perfectly fits both the horse and the rider is… Read more »

How to Care for Your Custom Leather Equestrian Gear

If you want to enhance your horse-riding experience and demonstrate your commitment to the sport and your horse, investing in high-quality custom leather equestrian gear is the best choice. To ensure that your leather accessories remain functional and attractive for an extended period, taking good care of them is essential. Here are a few tips… Read more »

Essential Horse-Riding Gear for Beginners

Horseback riding has many benefits, as it is a great form of exercise and helps relieve stress. It is an amazing sport to get into, whether as a leisurely hobby or a professional endeavor. However, many beginners may find horseback riding intimidating because it involves purchasing a decent amount of equipment and supplies, but you… Read more »

Must-Have Items for Your Equestrian Bag

Whether you’re an experienced rider, who has their own horses or a newbie who has to pack up all their equipment each time they go to lessons, an equestrian bag is a must! A lot of essentials are required to make it through a show or a day on the trail. Here are a few… Read more »