Frequently Asked Questions

What location is correct for embroidery?

Farm name or last name is commonly placed on left side center of horse’s body. Monograms or horses name are placed on left hip (straight or angled).  Small name or monogram on left front under closure is popular on rain sheet.

Are any custom, plated or embroidered items returnable?

No, sorry these items are made to order and are NOT returnable.

Can I get swatches of different fabrics?

Sure just call or send an email and we would be happy to send out current swatches for your horse clothing or drape needs.

Should I oil my Edgewood dog collar and leash?

We do not suggest oiling them, they will get darker from you dogs natural coat oil and your handling.

How fast can I get my order?

All orders are custom made in our shop in Wisconsin, please allow time to manufacture and embellish these items.

How do I measure my horse for sheets size?

While your horse is standing up square (not looking at you) measure from center of chest along the body to the center of the tail, measure twice for accuracy. Add one size ( 2” ) for items worn over the saddle.

Can I place and order and pick it up at a Horse show from the mobile unit?

Yes, arrangements can be made for pick up at certain horse shows, due to our schedule

Shipping & tax fees will apply.

Is it difficult to put plates on tack?

Please let us know what type of application you are doing for correct hardware to be used.
With a simple hole punch, hammer and soft surface installing 2 piece rivets is simple to do.