Essential Horse-Riding Gear for Beginners

Leather saddles, soft blankets, steel stirrups and other riding equipment in the wooden stable on the ranch

Horseback riding has many benefits, as it is a great form of exercise and helps relieve stress. It is an amazing sport to get into, whether as a leisurely hobby or a professional endeavor. However, many beginners may find horseback riding intimidating because it involves purchasing a decent amount of equipment and supplies, but you don’t need to get everything at once when you are just starting out.

Here are a few essential pieces of horse-riding equipment you will need as a beginner!

Leather Boots

Any comfortable boots with at least a 1″ heel, like paddock boots or even cowboy boots, are the perfect footwear for riding as a beginner. The heel is important, as it prevents your foot from slipping through the stirrup, which could cause you to lose balance and fall off the horse. You probably even have a shoe that matches that description in your home, and you won’t have to go out and purchase something new and expensive!

Riding Pants

You will want pants that will keep you comfortable and secure in the saddle. The style of the pants doesn’t really matter when you are just starting out, as long as they have no seams along the inside of your leg. Once you become more skilled, you’ll likely want to invest in breeches for jumping and dressage, jodhpurs for saddle seats, and jeans for reining.


It can be uncomfortable if your hands are not accustomed to holding leather or rubber reins. Riding gloves are great for beginners because they protect your hands and have sticky material on the palm that allows you to keep your grip.

Safety Gear

There are a few items you must invest in right away to ensure your safety on the horse!

  • Helmet-Protecting your head is extremely important while riding a horse, no matter your experience level! A bike helmet will not protect you if you fall.
  • Safety Vest- If you make horseback riding a regular activity, you will inevitably fall off a horse at some point. Wearing a vest that absorbs some of the shock from hitting the ground while protecting your chest and vital organs is recommended.

Once you have all the necessary gear to begin horseback riding, you will need a place to store your items. At Personalized Products, we have a variety of garment and equestrian gear bags available for purchase to hold all of your equipment, so you can store and transport everything you need safely and efficiently!

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