Category: Seasonal Horse Advice

Navigating the Cold Season with Expert Winter Horse Care Tips

As the temperatures begin to drop and days become shorter, horse owners face the yearly challenge of ensuring their beloved companions stay healthy, comfortable, and happy throughout the winter season. With proper knowledge and preparation, taking care of horses during winter can be an enriching experience. Here is a brief guide to assist you in… Read more »

4 Ways to Prepare Your Horse for Spring

Spring is only a few weeks away, and this season of rebirth and new beginnings means it’s time to get you and your horse ready for a busy season ahead! From more days spent in the pasture, longer riding sessions, training, and performances, there is a lot to do in preparation to ensure your horse… Read more »

How to Keep Your Horse Entertained This Winter

Winter is here, which means longer nights, colder days, and unpredictable weather. During this season, it can be difficult to find the time or the creativity to keep your horse entertained and moving, but it is important to put in the extra effort for your animal as they need enrichment the most during this time…. Read more »

Summer Horse Care Tips

Summer is a beautiful time of year, but hot weather can be tough on animals and cause overheating, especially if they are out of shape and have long, thick coats. Just like humans, horses are sensitive to heat. Extreme summer heat and sunlight can be dangerous for horses resulting in dehydration, lethargy, and general malaise…. Read more »