4 Ways to Prepare Your Horse for Spring

Veterinarian giving horse a checkup for spring

Spring is only a few weeks away, and this season of rebirth and new beginnings means it’s time to get you and your horse ready for a busy season ahead! From more days spent in the pasture, longer riding sessions, training, and performances, there is a lot to do in preparation to ensure your horse is healthy and equipped for their activities.

Here are four ways to prepare your horse for the upcoming spring season.

1) Schedule a Veterinarian Appointment

Getting your horse examined by a veterinarian before spring weather is in full swing is important. Mosquitoes start rising in the spring, and many horses can get diseases from them if they are not vaccinated before mosquitoes become active. A general check-up is also important to ensure that horses are illness-free and healthy in the new season.

2) Ease Them Back into Shape

Many people give their horses a lighter workload during winter, especially when the weather is dangerous. The spring season brings nicer weather and allows you to ride more often, so getting your horse back into shape is important. Take things slowly, as your horse has likely lost some muscle and could get sore if pushed too hard too soon. Ease them back into a regular training routine to avoid injury and burnout.

3) Stay On Top of Their Nutrition

Whether you and your horse compete or ride for pleasure, you will be more active as the temperatures warm up. As your horse’s activity level rises, so will their nutritional needs, so be sure to monitor their body condition and adjust their diet as needed.

4) Ensure They Have the Equipment They Need

Go through your tack room and ensure you have everything you and your horse need for a successful season. If you’re missing items or they are worn or in bad condition, replace them as soon as possible so you are fully prepared for any upcoming training or shows you have scheduled.

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