Top Tips for Keeping Your Tack Room Organized

clean, organized tack room

Your barn is a busy place with people and horses coming and going. Between performing all the daily care tasks for your horses, training sessions, preparing for shows, etc., it’s easy for your space to become disorganized, especially your tack room.

Whether you have a small shed or a huge room dedicated to all your equestrian equipment, it can easily become chaotic at the end of a long riding or training day.

Here are a few top tips to keep your tack room organized and functional!

Take Inventory

Before you start developing an organizational system for your tack room, taking inventory of everything you have is important. Ask yourself some questions as you take inventory:

  • What tack accessories do I have?
  • How often do I need or use each item?
  • Am I missing any products that I need?

Answering these questions can help you determine how you should organize your space and indicate if you need things like wall hooks, storage bins, shelving, blanket racks, etc.

Incorporate Labels

Invest in a label maker to make your life easier and create labels for drawers, cabinets, bins, cubbies, saddle racks, etc. You can even add detailed information like the horse’s name, the owner’s name, descriptions of the products, or whatever you need to make finding items as simple as possible!

Keep Humidity Away

Humidity can do a lot of damage to your equestrian products, so it is recommended to get a dehumidifier for your tack room to take away the excess moisture from the air. When storing your saddle pad and saddle, let the damp saddle pad dry instead of leaving it over the saddle, to avoid degrading the leather. A blanket rack is the best choice to keep pads dry!

Create a Cleaning Station

A designated area should be dedicated to cleaning and sanitizing your tack gear. You can have a cart or a cubby filled with sponges, soaps, oils, sprays, disinfectants, etc., so as soon as you are ready to put things away for the day, there is a convenient cleaning station right there! This way, you can keep your tack room clean and organized and are more likely to keep it that way.

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