Wool Dress Sheet

wool dress
The inevitable has happened: summer is over. The hot, hazy days will soon give way to damp, cool evenings. It’s time to put away the madras linen shorts (sigh) and pull out the trusty old corduroys and cashmere sweaters. While you make the shift in your own wardrobe from summer to fall, shouldn’t you also take the time to check your horse’s fall clothing choices?
The wool dress sheet by Equine Outfitters is the quintessential fall wardrobe item for every horse (or pony, too!). The sheet is available from sizes 60”-88” (special order sizes is an option as well); it comes in 20 different solid color choices and 17 plaid choices (heavyweight and lightweight options included); trim has 19 color options and piping has 34 colors to choose from.
Once the basics have been decided upon (size, body color, trim, and pipe), the next step is to choose additional options to finish off your sheet to perfection. The additional options include: hidden surcingle, tail cord with hip ornament, and a fancy leather buckle created for Equine Outfitters by Chuck Pinnell, a Martha Stewart American Made award winner in 2013.
wool dress
When all of the choices have been made, the order is completed at our store in Hartford, Wisconsin. Either Karen or Barb (two of our master seamstresses), will see the order through from start to finish. You can proudly say that your new wool dress sheet was made in the USA!
Place your orders now so your horse can have a new wardrobe for the fall!