Simple Ways to Protect Your Horse from Flies

Fly Bonnet

If you’re a horse owner, you are all too familiar with the pesky insects that act as a nuisance and a danger to your animal. Fly control is critical for horse health as certain flies can cause irritation and diseases. Horses also tend to stomp when flies land on their legs, which can cause injuries to their legs and feet.

To keep your horse in optimal health and a good physical state, try these strategies to keep flies at a minimum!

Manage Manure

Flies live and reproduce in your horses’ manure. Keeping stalls and runs clean is the first step in protecting your animals. Ideally, you should pick up manure daily to keep pastures healthy and prevent horses from ingesting parasites while grazing. Instead of dumping it in a manure pile close to the barn, it’s better to compost manure or have it regularly removed from the property.

Install Traps

The simplest type of fly trap uses a sticky surface to capture flies. The flies are drawn to the color—usually orange or yellow—and land on it. The glue-covered surface sticks to their feet, keeping them from flying away. Other traps use bait to lure the fly inside. Some traps have water inside, and the flies drown because they can’t escape. Others trap them inside the container, where they die due to a lack of food and water.

Sticky fly traps can be hung anywhere flies congregate but should be safely out of reach of curious horses. Baited traps should be placed far from stalls since they will initially attract more flies to the area before the insects become trapped.

Fly Control Apparel

On-horse fly control is the final method of defense against flies. Consider purchasing a protective fly sheet for your horse. Fly sheets have an open weave mesh to keep bugs off your horse’s body. Fly bonnets are another great option to protect your horse from pesky bugs. A fly bonnet protects the sensitive parts of the horse’s head from insects to reduce irritation.

At Personalized Products, we understand how important it is to keep your horses safe from harmful flies and insects. That is why we make custom fly protection products to keep your horses healthy and comfortable for shows or at home.

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