Pony Finals Pandemonium

Pony Finals 2015

Pony Finals 2015 is in the books and, boy was it a busy one for us! We’d like to extend a big thank you to all of our wonderful customers for making Pony Finals 2015 not only successful, but also a lot of fun.
We changed things up a bit this year by offering two designs for the souvenir saddle pads. Given the success and positive feedback we received from all of you, you can expect to see two designs for next year, too.
Pony Finals 2015 Special Edition Saddle Pad
Pony Finals 2015 Souvenir Saddle Pad
While the souvenir saddle pads were the hot-ticket item, our nameplate bracelets and belts were also very popular. They make wonderful keepsake items and gifts, and are available year round on our website.
Pony Finals 2015 Nameplate Bracelets
Pony Finals 2015 Nameplate Bracelets and Belt
Thanks again to everyone who helped make a crazy-busy week a fun and enjoyable one for us. We’re already looking forward to Pony Finals 2016!