Miami Memories

vendor entrance
LGCT Miami just wrapped up last Saturday evening with an electric vibe befitting its Miami locale.  The event was like no other here in the United States.  Show jumping on the beach?  In Miami?  No problem!
We were honored to be one of the few privileged vendors to have a shop at LGCT Miami.  The logistics of setting up our booth were unusual from the get-go.  We were required to remain in a designated staging are until a police escort was available to take us onto the beach and up to the venue.  Unloading was fast and furious so that the next vendor could bring in their vehicle and unload.
police escort
A mere six hours later, the Equine Outfitters booth was assembled and ready for the show to begin the following day.
booth photo
One of our feature items in the booth was our Equine Outfitters Elite Saddle Pad that we asked the grand prix riders to sign. The saddle pad will be auctioned with the proceeds benefitting Endeavor Therapeutic Horsemanship in Bedford Hills, NY.
saddle pad
We had a wonderful time LGCT Miami and can’t wait for Miami 2016!