Horse Show Prizes

The summer show season is already in full swing. For the next three months, horses and riders are competing not just in the United States, but internationally as well. Shows are often remembered for their locations and prize money, but the prizes that are given to competitors also tend to be quite memorable, too.

Personalized Products offers a wide array of horse show prizes. From custom-embroidered baby pads to custom wool dress coolers, we’ve got you covered at any price point.

One of our most popular prizes is a custom baseball cap. Functional and stylish, it’s not only a fun prize, but also great way to advertise your show.

Custom Baseball Cap

Photo credit: @carolineratigan

Tote bags and backpacks are also very popular prize items.

Tote Bags

Photo credit: @boggshillfarm


Photo credit: @alyssam31

Competitors have often said that they enjoy an item that they can actually use on a daily basis. After all, what good is an award if it just ends up in the bottom of your tack trunk?

So, for those of you running your own horse shows this summer, keep Personalized Products in mind for your show prize needs. We’re always happy to help take your show – and your prizes – to the next level!