Custom Stall Guard

stall guardHorse owners know that often-times horses enjoy being able to hang their heads outside of their stalls.  This means that the stall door needs to be open and some sort of a restraint needs to be in place: a rope, a chain, or a stall guard.

A traditional stall guard is typically made out of a woven nylon fabric, and while it is certainly functional, it is not always the prettiest thing to look at.

stall guard

The Personalized Products stall guard is both functional and highly attractive. Our stall guard is made out of durable Sunbrella fabric and features either D-Rings or Brass Snaps in the four corners of the guard.  The solid panel of fabric alleviates any worries that a horse may get his leg caught in the guard, which can happen with the traditional woven stall guards.

Our stall guards are a custom item. Each one is made to order as per the customer’s specifications.  Choices include: base color (59 options); trim color (21 options); piping color (19 options; D-Rings or Snaps; and of course, custom monogramming. Monogramming can be as simple as a name or a monogram, or it can also be your custom logo.

stall guard

Just imagine how beautiful your stable would look with coordinating custom stall guards at every stall!