Custom Bandage Holders – An Ideal Solution

The item you never knew you needed, but once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever did without: the custom bandage holder by Equine Outfitters. These bandage holders are a bold statement, indeed. Here’s why you should order yours today.

Bandage Holder

Made of durable Sunbrella fabric, the custom bandage holder can be easily coordinated with your stable colors. They offer a stylish storage solution for those pesky bandages that always seem to go missing. (Yes, all bandages do look alike.) The bandage holders fold flat, too, making them easy to pack for those journeys to the shows. At home, they create a uniform look throughout the barn while keeping each horse’s bandages at their stalls.

Custom Bandage Bags

At home or at the shows, custom bandage holders are the ideal solution to storing your bandages. Just think – no more rummaging around for missing wraps. That alone makes it totally worth it.

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