Coolerettes: aka, Brag Rags

The 2014 show season is drawing to an end and we know that many of you have had a successful year. If you find yourselves with piles of award coolers (congrats!), and you’re not sure what to do with them, why don’t you consider having coolerettes made?

Coolerettes (aka, Brag Rags) are a wonderful way to display your success without the bulk of an entire award cooler. They look great when displayed in a tack room set-up.  They’re also a wonderful addition to an office, family room, or even a bedroom.
We create coolerettes in one of two ways: a reproduction of the original cooler is made, or the existing award cooler is cut down and reformatted into a coolerette. We work with many horse shows and have the rights to reproduce their logos on coolerettes, but it is always a good idea to verify the horse show with us before placing your order.
Contact us today and have your coolerettes in time for 2015.
PS: We also sell the display racks for your coolers or coolerettes.